Excellent skiing conditions and clear skies heralded in the 13th annual Ski Your Age event at the Birch Hill Cross Country Ski Center on December 26th. More than 160 skiers participated in the free event, organized by Fairbanks Cross Country (FXC), the junior race-training program of the Nordic Ski Club of Fairbanks (NSCF).


Skiers of all ages, from 1-70, skied well over 3000 kilometers in this event that provides the opportunity for folks to get outside, be active, and to socialize and share food and drinks. Families and friends enjoyed the event, which is offered free to participants, though donations are accepted to benefit FXC, which provided hot drinks and chili. Participants brought potluck dishes as well.

       The support of Wentz Orthodontics and Edward Jones financial advisor Christopher Knott was greatly appreciated by FXC, as this is one of the annual fundraisers for the team. Participants can record their kilometers skied between 10:00 AM and 4:00 PM, taking breaks for snacks, drinks and potluck items in the Birch Hill Cross Country Ski Center. Skiers can track their kilometers in categories such as couple, individual, mother-daughter, mother-son, father-daughter, father- son, whole family, and even grandparent-grandchild. Skiers were also recognized for achieving the platinum, gold, silver and bronze levels of kilometers skied. 

      Leading the men’s division in kilometers skied was Eric Troyer (60k), followed by Steve Taylor and Owen Hanley (the younger) with 59k. Corrine Leistikow led the women’s division with 61k, followed by Donna DiFolco (52k) and Sharon Baker (43k). 

      The top couple was Eric Troyer and Corrine Leistikow, who skied 121k together. Karin and Christina Gillis took the mother-daughter category with 79k combined, while Eric and Donna DiFolco skied 82k for the mother-son category. Wayde and Barbara Leder skied the most kilometers in the father-daughter category with 62, and Dave and Eli Merrill had a combined total of 61k in the father-son group. 


Many families came out to ski together. The Schuttner-Theis family of seven skied 124k combined, the Mayo family of five skied 100k, the Gillis-Tutvesson family of four skied 132k, the DiFolco family of three skied 108k, and the Dershin siblings and Delamere kids represented families of two, with 32k each. In addition, top sisters were Sharon Baker and Donna DiFolco with 95k. 

      Many thanks to FXC parents who volunteered and donated supplies, participants who generously donated funds, and especially to our sponsors, Wentz Orthodontics and Christopher Knott, Edward Jones financial advisor. 

      Below is a listing of all the category achievements for those who signed up and listed their final kilometers skied. If you were left out or see any mistakes please contact Eric Troyer at fbxskierparent (at) gmail.com. 




50-50 (50 or more years, 50 or more kilometers skied) 

Corrine Leistikow, 57, 61k

Eric Troyer, 56, 60k

Donovan Granger, 58, 52k 

Wayde Leder, 59, 50k 


Century (total age in years plus km skied greater than or equal to 100) 

Corrine Leistikow, 57, 61k

Eric Troyer, 56, 60k

Donovan Granger, 58, 52k 

Wayde Leder, 59, 50k 

Ray Halderman, 69, 37k 

Donna DiFolco, 52, 52k 

Frank Soos, 66, 37k 

Sharon Baker, 58, 43k 

Bad Bob Baker, 58, 43k 


Platinum (youngest to oldest) 

Andy Fry, 4, 4k

Oliver Taylor, 5, 10k

Beckett Hayden, 5, 5k 

Eliza Fry, 6, 7k

June Breitenbach, 8, 10k 

Yari Schuttner, 8, 10k 

Sarah Fry, 8, 8k

Cora Bonds, 9, 9k

Kieran Kaufman, 9, 10k

Bjorn Denton, 10, 10k

Edel Schuttner, 11, 11k

Audrey Fox, 11, 11k

Owen Merrill, 11, 16k

Sonja Truffer, 11, 13k

Cirdan Vonnahme, 11, 12k

Hannah Delamere, 12, 12k

Eli Wyatt, 13, 16k

Lars Vinlove, 13, 14k

Kaya Ratzlaff, 13, 41k

Eli Merrill, 13, 40k

Isaac Dershin, 13, 15k

Garrison Bonds, 13, 13k

Landon Bicknell-Long 13, 13k

Kendall Kramer, 14, 38k

Eric DiFolco, 13, 40k

Maggie Druckenmiller, 14, 28k

Maggie Whitaker, 15, 38k

Eloise Darrow, 15, 15k

Laura Mayo, 15, 15k

Tjarn Bross, 15, 21k

Amy Mayo, 15, 16k

Pearl Wyatt, 15, 15k

Sam Delamere, 15, 20k

Emmett Bonds, 15, 20k

Beren Vonnahme, 15, 18k

Abigail Arens, 15, 28k

Quinn Vinlove, 17, 25k

Jenna DiFolco, 17, 26k

Logan Mowry, 18, 33k

Liam Burton, 18, 33k

Pete Leonard, 34, 50k

Owen Hanley, 38 (+Forbes Hanley, 2), 59k 

Steve Taylor, 39, 59k 

Donna DiFolco, 52, 52k 

Eric Troyer, 56, 60k 


Gold (youngest to oldest) 

Hanna Stevens, 1, 3k

John Stevens, 2, 3k 

Jeremiah Reiser, 14, 13k 

Sophia Schneller, 16, 16k 

Naomi Dershin, 16, 17k 

Aidan Earnest, 17, 20k 

Nathan Sanches, 17, 17k 

Mackenzie Parrott, 19, 30k 

Jesse Mayo, 20, 28k 

Mikko Sayre, 21, 21k

Peter Noon, 21, 21k

Kuba Grzda, 21, 21K

Alasdair Tutt, 23, 35k

Hilary Saucy, 24, 29k 

Stephanie Whisenhant, 25, 33k 

Wendy Boger, 25, 25k 

Will Bishop, 26, 26k 

Christina Gillis, 28, 38k 

Charlie Parr, 28, 28k

Robin Wood, 29, 29k 

Melanie Vriesman, 33, 33k 

Matt Theis, 33, 33k 

Tom Moran, 40, 42k

Mike Kramer, 48, 48k 

Corrine Leistikow, 57, 61k 

Bad Bob Baker, 58, 43k 

Sharon Baker, 58, 43k 

Donovan Granger, 58, 52k 

Wayde Leder, 59, 50k 

Frank Soos, 66, 37k 


Silver (youngest to oldest) 

Logan Fox, 13, 8k

Eliza Rorabaugh, 23, 15k 

Becca Rorabaugh, 27, 25k 

Kyle Whisenhant, 28, 22k 

Dmitry Brazhnikov, 29, 18k 

Mary Haas, 29, 23k 

Noah King, 29, 25k

Anders Gillis, 30, 26k

Linnaea Schuttner, 32, 20k 

Katen’va Vrbecka, 35, 18k 

Silvan Schuttner, 36, 25k 

Susie Frei, 40, 20k

Anna Merrill, 43, 21k

Dave Merrill, 43, 21k 

Margaret Darrow, 45, 18k 

Danielle Tirrell, 45, 24k

Max Kaufman, 45, 39k

Dave Hayden, 45, 17k

Keith Arens, 46, 15k

Maria Taylor, 47, 24k

Dirk Nickisch, 48, 24k

Kristin O’Brien, 48, 32k 

Martin Truffer, 48, 18k

Todd Redinius, 52, 20k

Lisa Stuby, 52, 36k

Dan Bross, 52, 35k

Karen Gillis, 55, 41k

Anna Tutvesson-Gillis, 55, 27k 

Pete Mayo, 55, 27k

Tim Prusak, 57, 20k

M.K. Romberg, 58, 18k

Maria Berger, 59, 37k

Greg Whisenhant, 58, 25k 

Catherine Egan, 59, 16k

Dave Frey, 60, 21k

Jane Lanford, 61, 30.5k 

Norma Haubenstock, 62, 35k 

Chris Puchner, 63, 34k

Chris Broda, 63, 15k

John Estle, 64, 31k 

Don Pendergrast, 70, 17k 


Bronze (youngest to oldest) 

Lilianna Vonnahme, 13, 6k 

Elsa Mayo, 16, 7k

Daniel Piscoya, 21, 11.5k 

Ema Mayo, 22, 10k 

Barbara Leder, 25, 13k 

Marisa Rorabaugh, 25, 11k 

Cody Mayo, 26, 7k

Christina Chu, 28, 5k

Sam Friedman, 29, 10k 

Victoriya Forsythe, 29, 5k 

Ross Wildermann, 29, 12k 

Amy Scott, 32, 11k

Jack Fry, 33, 7k

RJ Stevens, 34, 3k

Vanessa Stevens, 34, 3k 

Anne Hanley, 34, 10k

Dow Scott, 35, 11k

Sonna Schuttner, 36, 9k 

Nathan Vonnahme, 41, 12k 

Allison Hayden, 44, 5k

Alina Wyatt, 45, 10k

Collins Bonds, 45, 7k

Kerri Hamos, 46, 5k

Chris Wyatt, 48, 10k

Joanna Fox, 49, 12k

Pat Druckenmiller, 49, 7k 

Bobbie Redinius, 50, 8.3 

Jennifer Whisenhant, 51, 7k 

Lynn Mayo, 53, 14k

Brenda Elmer, 54, 14k 

Darren Rorabaugh, 56, 11k 

Susan Kerndt, 56, 10k 

Peggy Sullivan, 57, 8.3k 

Susan Faulkner, 57, 13k 

Lisa Druckenmiller, 60, 1k 

Carol Haas, 63, 10k 





Corrine Leistikow-Eric Troyer- 121k

Sharon Baker-Bad Bob Baker- 86k

Maria Taylor-Steve Taylor- 83k

Anne Hanley-Owen Hanley- 69k

Norma Haubenstock-John Estle- 66k 

Barbara Leder-Wayde Leder- 62.5k

Linnaea Schuttner-Matt Theis- 53k

Danielle Tirrell-Dirk Nickisch- 48k

Anna Merrill-Dave Merrill- 42k

Lynn Mayo-Pete Mayo- 41k

Sonna Schuttner-Silvan Schuttner- 34k 

Jennifer Whisenhant-Greg Whisenhant- 32k 

Susan Faulkner-Darren Rorabaugh- 24k 

Amy Scott-Dow Scott- 22k

Alison Hayden-Dave Hayden- 22k

Alina Wyatt-Chris Wyatt- 20k

Christina Chu-Victoryia Forsythe- 10k

Lisa Druckenmiller-Pat Druckenmiller- 8k 

Vanessa Stevens-RJ Stevens- 6k 





Kilometers skied by a family of seven 

Schuttner-Theis- 124k 


Kilometers skied by a family of five 

Mayo- 100k

Faulkner-Rorabaugh- 75k 

Bonds- 49k 

Fry- 26k 


Kilometers skied by a family of four 

Gillis- 132k

Merrill- 98k

Whisenhant- 87k 

Wyatt- 51k 

Vonnahme- 48k 

Kerndt-Mayo- 34k 

Stevens- 12k 


Kilometers skied by a family of three

DiFolco- 108k

Taylor- 93k

O’Brien-Vinlove- 71k 

Druckenmiller- 36k 

Fox- 31k

Hayden- 27k 


Kilometers skied by a family of two 

Delamere- 32k

Dershin- 32k 


Kilometers skied by mother-daughter

Christina Gillis-Karin Gillis- 79k

Jenna DiFolco-Donna DiFolco- 78k

Maggie Whitaker-Maria Berger- 75k

June Breitenbach-Melanie Vriesman- 42k 

Stephanie Whisenhant-Jennifer Whisenhant- 40k 

Becca Rorabaugh-Susan Faulkner- 38k 

Mary Haas-Carol Haas- 33k

Eloise Darrow-Margaret Darrow- 33k

Amy Mayo-Lynn Mayo- 30k

Laura Mayo-Lynn Mayo- 29k

Maggie Druckenmiller-Lisa Druckenmiller-29k 

Susan Faulkner-Eliza Rorabaugh-28k 

Pearl Wyatt-Alina Wyatt- 25k

Marisa Rorabaugh-Susan Faulkner- 24k 

Audrey Fox-Joanna Fox- 23k

Ema Mayo-Susan Kerndt- 20k

Elsa Mayo-Susan Kerndt- 17k

Hanna Stevens-Vanessa Stevens- 6k 


Kilometers skied by mother-son 

Donna DiFolco-Eric DiFolco- 82k 

Karin Gillis-Anders Gillis- 67k 

Anna Merrill-Eli Merrill- 61k 

Kristin O’Brien-Quinn Vinlove- 55k 

Kristin O’Brien-Lars Vinlove- 46k 

Lynn Mayo-Jesse Mayo- 42k 

Anna Merrill-Owen Merrill- 37k

Maria Taylor-Oliver Taylor- 34k

Jennifer Whisenhant-Kyle Whisenhant- 29k 

Alina Wyatt-Eli Wyatt- 26k

Joanna Fox-Logan Fox- 20k

Sonna Schuttner-Edel Schuttner- 20k 

Sonna Schuttner-Yari Schuttner- 19k

Susan Kerndt-Cody Mayo- 17K

Allison Hayden-Beckett Hayden- 10k 

Vanessa Stevens-John Stevens- 6k 


Kilometers skied by father-daughter

Kendall Kramer-Mike Kramer- 86k

Barbara Leder-Wayde Leder- 62.5k

Stephanie Whisenhant-Greg Whisenhant- 58k 

Tjarn Bross-Dan Bross- 56k 

Abigail Arens-Keith Arens- 43k

Amy Mayo-Pete Mayo- 43k

Laura Mayo-Pete Mayo- 42k

Becca Rorabaugh-Darren Rorabaugh- 36k 

Maggie Druckenmiller-Pat Druckenmiller- 35k 

Sonja Truffer-Martin Truffer- 31k 

Eliza Rorabaugh-Darren Rorabaugh- 26k 

Pearl Wyatt-Chris Wyatt- 25k

Marisa Rorabaugh-Darren Rorabaugh- 22k 

Lilianna Vonnahme-Nathan Vonnahme- 18k 

Sarah Fry-Jack Fry- 15k

Eliza Fry-Jack Fry- 14k

Hanna Stevens-RJ Stevens- 6k 


Kilometers skied by father-son

Oliver Taylor-Steve Taylor- 69k

Eli Merrill-Dave Merrill- 61k

Jesse Mayo-Pete Mayo- 55k

Kieran Kaufman-Max Kaufman- 49k 

Kyle Whisenhant-Greg Whisenhant- 47k 

Owen Merrill-Dave Merrill- 37k 

Edel Schuttner-Silvan Schuttner- 36k

Yari Schuttner-Silvan Schuttner- 35k

Beren Vonnahme-Nathan Vonnahme- 30k 

Eli Wyatt-Chris Wyatt- 26k

Cirdan Vonnahme-Nathan Vonnahme- 24k 

Beckett Hayden-Dave Hayden- 22k

Andy Fry-Jack Fry- 11k

John Stevens-RJ Stevens- 6k