Everyone is invited to a biathlon fun event scheduled for Saturday, April 2, at Birch Hill. The event will be held from 10am to 5pm at the Birch Hill Biathlon Range, which is a short distance out the White Bear Trail.

The event will include tennis ball biathlon for non-shooters. In tennis ball biathlon, participants still ski, but instead of shooting at five targets they throw five tennis balls into a basket. The same penalty laps are skied for misses as for missed targets.

Traditional rifle shooting biathlon will be held, too. Participants must be 10 years old to shoot a rifle and must first go through safety certification, which will be held at 10am. No safety certification is needed to participate in the tennis ball biathlon.

The first race starts at noon. The day will include four events: individual sprint format, tennis ball sprint, relay, and “race to Charlie.” “Race to Charlie” is a fun, shooting-only game in which two opponents shoot at the same set of targets. One starts from the left or “alpha” and one from the right or “echo.” Whoever gets to the center or “Charlie” target and succeeds in shooting it wins that round.

Anyone interested should register to race and sign up to volunteer at: http://fairbanksbiathlon.weebly.com/