The Raven Romp, the third and final race in the Buetow Distance Series presented by Raven Cross Country, will be held Sunday, February 21, beginning at 11, starting and finishing in the Biathlon Stadium.

The course will start at the stadium heading outbound (eastbound) on the White Bear, going all the way to the east end of the White Bear, skiing Moilanen's Meadow on the return journey, then turning left (back toward the stadium) at what some people know as the "2-Step," then will follow the Pre-Range cutoff backward back to and through the biathlon stadium.  This length of this loop is 9.8Km, which makes a total distance for three laps of 29.4Km.  Sorry to cheat you out of that last 600m. There will also be offered a one-lap race (just under 10Km) for those disinclined to race 18.3 miles.

Bib pickup and race-day signup will be AT THE BIATHLON STADIUM, not at Rikke's Roadhouse.  There will be no toilet facilities at the biathlon stadium, so plan accordingly :)  We will be doing standard electronic timing and will produce results on-site.

The lap lane will go straight through the biathlon stadium; the finish will be on the N side of the biathlon stadium, close to the biathlon building.  There will be an in-race/post-race feed station just beyond the finish between the lap and finish lanes.

Be sure arrive at Birch Hill on Sunday morning early enough to allow sufficient time to get to the Biathlon Stadium, pick up your race bib AT THE BIATHLON STADIUM, and be ready to start at 11:00AM.