Distance Series

CLICK HERE to get race information for this year's Distance Series events.  After clicking on the link, scroll down the page until you get to the event for which you are looking for information.

The Buetow Dental Distance Series, presented by Raven Cross Country features three events: The Gundeloppet 15Km/7.5Km, the January Jaunt 20Km/10Km, and the Raven Romp 30Km/15Km/7.5Km.  Events alternate between classic and freestyle in alternate years. All events will be held in mass-start format.

For 2016-2017 the race dates are:

  • Dec 10: Gundeloppet 15Km/7.5Km free technique
  • Jan 7: January Jaunt 20Km/10Km classic technique
  • Feb 19: Raven Romp 30Km/15Km/7.5Km free technique

Prizes for each race and for the whole series will be provided by Raven Cross Country, and awarded by random drawing. You receive one chance in the drawing for each Distance Series Race you enter. All races start at 11:00am. For entries received early, entry fees are $15 for NSCF members and $20 for non-members. Add $5 for race day entries.

The first race in the 17th Annual Buetow Dental Distance Series, presented by Raven Cross Country and organized by the Nordic Ski Club of Fairbanks is scheduled for Saturday, December 12.  The 15Km mass-start, classic technique event, starts at 11:00AM in the Birch Hill Ski Stadium at the Birch Hill Recreation Area.  A shorter event is available for those wishing to race less than 15Km.  The Buetow Dental distance series is a great way to prepare for the annual Sonot Kkaazoot.

The 2nd race in the 16th Annual Buetow Dental Distance Series, the January Jaunt, presented by Raven Cross Country, will NOT be held today, January 25th, at Birch Hill.

The temperatures are in the range of -18F to -22F, depending upon which thermometer you are looking at and where you are looking at it.  This is our first really cold weather of the year.  The distance is long, and the snow is extremely SLOW.  We will try again at a later date.

We will look at our very crowded calendar and see where we can squeeze it in.  At this point, we do not have tentative date.


NSC Fairbanks Competition Events Program

Results from the Buetow Dental Distance Series race #2, presented by Raven Cross Country are below in text format.

The second race in the Buetow Dental Distance Series presented by Raven Cross Country, the January Jaunt, has been postponed until Sunday, January 25, due to the Besh Cup races this weekend.

Shalane Frost, in her second year of ski racing, and former UAF Nanook skiers Alex Morris were the winners over the 15Km distance in the December Dash, the opening event of the 15th Annual Buetow Dental Distance Race Series, presented by and prizes provided by Raven Cross Country at the Jim Whisenhant Ski Trails-Birch Hill Recreation Area on Saturday, December 14, 2013.