The Fairbanks Nordic Ski Club’s FXC Racing Team will have their second annual ski-a-thon during Wentz Orthodontics Ski Your Age in K's at Birch Hill on December 26, 2016.

The main objective of Ski Your Age, with additional sponsorship by Edward Jones Investments, Christopher Knott, is to encourage families to get out and ski together, to encourage a healthy lifestyle, and to raise funds for the NSCF Fairbanks Cross Country Racing Team (FXC).  The event is offered free to participants, who are encouraged to bring a potluck item and enjoy a bowl of chili or hot drink.

Skiers choose which categories to have kilometers tracked in: couple, family, father-son, father-daughter, mother-son, mother-daughter, grandparent-grandchild etc.  They can also contribute to the donation jar for the FXC race team. Ski-a-thon participants made $2,147 in pledges at the 2015 event.

CLICK HERE to go to the online pledge form.

During the 2016 ski-a-thon some athletes will ski their age in kilometers, while others may choose to ski a different distance. All athletes are being asked to gather as many pledges as possible, using this online registration. We appreciate your support and participation.