Nearly 100 people came out for the Zombie Run on Saturday, May 14, at Birch Hill Recreation Area. Some played the part of zombie, while others played humans who ran from the zombies. 

Reuben Morris was the top human (runner), the first to cross the line with at least one life, while Lynne Peterson was the top zombie, capturing the most lives. Caleb Peterson and Daniel Burnside came in second and third in the human category, while Natalie Emers and Nevaeh Spring were the second and third zombies. Helena Rueter and Zara Laker-Morris were chosen for the “best costume” award.

In the event, humans were given a flag football belt with three flags denoting three "lives" and headed out on the Birch Hill trails either walking or running.  Most zombies chased the runners/walkers, but a few of the undead were stationed in ambush areas along the 5k trail.

Zombies tried to capture as many flags or "lives" as they could, while humans triedc to cross the finish line first with at least one “life” (flag) remaining. Prizes were given to the top human finishers, top zombie life-takers, and best costumes.

The event served as a fundraiser for FXC, the junior race-training program of the Nordic Ski Club of Fairbanks. See the NSCF Facebook page for photos.