The sun is definitely out for lessons - now let’s just get that temp up!  Remember our temperature cut off is -5.

For this Spring Session III there will NOT be any announcements on Facebook or on the hotline - please check the weather on NSCF website

I have the new lists attached so you know which groups your skiers are in! SESSION III (SPRING) JR NORDICS

I will have a copy of the lists posted tomorrow as well. Don’t forget that we will meet UPSTAIRS again since it is the 1st day of a new session. I will have the Group Colors on the wall around the upstairs - please meet your coach inside and then after the first week - we will be meeting outside!

Thanks again for signing up for the  Jr Nordics Program!

We have such a wonderful program because of you the families and support!

Looking forward to a great SUNNY and hopefully WARM Session!

NOTE: Snack sign up will be posted on the Jr Nordics bulletin board upstairs - PLEASE sign up to bring snacks throughout the session.