See what’s new or noteworthy as we prepare for our 7th summer of training with the NSCF-FXC Comp and Prep Teams!

New or noteworthy with NSCF-FXC's 2012-3 programs:

  • One of the most common worries for newcomers to our programs is whether the program will be a good fit for them.  A good fit is one of the most important elements for us too – it ensures that an athlete is engaged and challenged appropriately and is able to do so in an environment that is safe for them.    We find the best way to figure out if the program is a good fit for the athlete and the athlete a good fit for the program is to try it out!  A trial period typically lasts a week, and all we ask is that you get in touch with us ahead of time (email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) and fill out the appropriate waivers and bring them to the first session.
  • Those that have been around the program in the past will notice that we have raised the tuition cost in most programs by about 5 to 10% this year.  Each winter we revisit our tuition rates and make projections to ensure we are able to sustain the high level of programming that we offer, and after six seasons of steady tuition rates, we felt we needed to respond to rising costs and raise tuition accordingly.
  • It’s not really new, but it is noteworthy.  After a fantastic trial summer last year, we are excited to continue with our Prep/Devo Summer program, meeting Tuesday and Thursday afternoons most weeks throughout the summer.  This program is aimed at our Prep Team level athletes (J3-J2 skiers, born 1997-2000 for 2012-3 season) as well as some of our older Jr. Devo Team athletes (J4s and older – born in 2002 or before).  This is one of those times when it can be useful for athletes – particularly those on the younger side – to try out the program ahead of time if they’re not sure.
  • While not set in stone quite yet, there is a good chance we will be adjusting the weekly training schedule for the Comp Team this summer.  We plan to keep our morning and evening training sessions in the 8-10 AM and 6-8 PM slots on weekdays, but are planning on shifting our day off from training from Mondays to Sundays, since it seems more folks are away on Sundays so we can make better use of group sessions and coaching time.  Once the school year begins again, we plan to shift our off day back to Monday, so skiers can take full advantage of greater free time on the weekends for training.