Goldstream Valley, 8 mile loop (about 2-2.5 hours). Ski through frozen bogs and wetland lakes, spruce, aspen, birch as well as lots of willows. Leader: Greg Selid, 455-7557, Cell 590-9191

Meet: 10am at the pull-off on Ballaine rd. This pull off is on the right-hand side toward the bottom of the hill when you are coming from Farmers Loop.

Stiles Creek Traverse, a 16 mile tour in the Chena River recreation area, leading by Larry Hall, 452-0593

Meet: 10:30am at the shooting range, 36.5 mile Chena Hot Springs Road

This is a big tour coming up for you to explore. Hope you won't miss it. Ski from Pedro Dome to Fox, a 4 hour ski, be prepare!!!

Leader:Ffrank Olive

Meet: 11 am at the Silver Gulch parking lot in Fox

Rosie Creek Forest, south hills, should be fun with new snow. We just hope for a blue sky.

Leader: Paula Lotspeich 479-8753

Meet: 12 noon at Paula's place

We did it even with the temp was 22 below. There were 5 of us, Phil, Mike, Lance, Larry and Aporn. We started with climbing up the first hill, the second hill and finally a flat part. the snow was good, we had some glide. Then we came down the Davidson Ditch (the man made water way for the gold mine in the past)...